Purple Haze, A Message of Love by Staci Spirit Artist Brown

My beautiful and superbly talented friend, Staci Spirit Artist Brown painted this lovely acrylic painting and as she did so, the word “love” was transferred into the piece…unintentionally!
Staci is an accomplished painter and a wonderfully spiritual person, believing that everything has a life force and a soul of it’s own.
There is meaning in everything she sees and she transfers that love and energy into her masterful works of art.

These are her words about her painting here:

John Lennon said Imagine… I’m saying LOVE…. It’s all about LOVE people… feel that emotion of LOVE!
When we vibrate at the frequency of LOVE we can do anything we can Imagine; like actual Peace on earth!
Just LOVE… Even one of the Spirits/Angels that manifest in most of my paintings left a written message for all the world to see!
Believing is seeing.
If you Believe you will see the message LOVE! If you don’t see it at first, keep coming back and eventually you will see this beautiful message left in one of my paintings… LOVE…

Closeup view of commissioned painting Purple Haze now held in private collection in Wales, UK.
You can see a message the spirits sent thru the painting: LOVE… I did NOT intentionally paint these letters, found it there when I was finished. My hands are NOT steady enough to paint letters lol (why I don’t sign on front lol).
The camera of course didn’t capture just how much the purples really pop in this painting.
Created with lots of positive energy!

Title: Purple Haze (closeup view of one small area)
Acrylic on 10×20 canvas panel.
I only used brushes on this painting.

Purple Haze by Staci Spirit Brown