Lacrosse Wisconsin Poster Available for Purchase

The picture “Stormy Moments at Riverside Park Lacrosse Wisconsin” is now available for purchase as a poster.
$21.35 (not including s/p and tax)
Poster measures a whopping 30.56″ x 22.90″


Today’s Amusing Musing….regarding restaurants…

I ate at this restaurant…(it shall be left unnamed) and the food tasted like it was reheated in a microwave and a large portion of it certainly had been frozen.
Now, the business had advertised itself as having “home-cooked” dinners.
At first I took great issue with this, considering the quality and taste, but now I realize…when I’m lazy and sore I do a LOT of my cooking by microwave too.
So, I guess their “home-cooked” taste isn’t too far off. 😉