Wisconsin Landscape and Nature Photography

Landscape and Nature photos taken at:

French Island, Park Falls, and Minocqua, Wisconsin
Missi Lynn Boness Photography.

"French Island Wisconsin in Blues" Missi Lynn Boness Photography

“French Island Wisconsin in Blues”
Missi Lynn Boness Photography

"Storm Clouds Over Park Falls Wisconsin" Missi Lynn Boness Photography

“Storm Clouds Over Park Falls Wisconsin”
Missi Lynn Boness Photography

"Young Buck" Missi Lynn Boness Photography

“Young Buck”
Missi Lynn Boness Photography

Photos of International Friendship Gardens

Fountain at International Friendship Gardens Photography by Missi Lynn Boness 2015

Fountain at International Friendship Gardens
Missi Lynn Boness 2015

The La Crosse River  Missi Lynn Boness Photography 2015

The La Crosse River Missi Lynn Boness Photography 2015

"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Missi Lynn Boness 2015

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips” by
Missi Lynn Boness 2015

Freaking New Year Shmu Year!

Yeah, so it’s a New Year and I’d like to say that I’m highly ambitious and motivated for this whole new year thing.
It’s a chance to start anew…make the world brighter, have a better outlook…whatever.
But you know what?
I’m not…
I’m not driven to do a damn freaking thing except eat my Cheerios and watch Spongebob.
Oh sure, I will still promote other people’s artwork, because I’m all about that.
But to do more than that…um, no, not really…eh, it depends on the day.
The color of the clouds and if there is something shiny to distract me.
I could lie to you and everyone else and say that, yes, I am going to do so many wonderful things.
But who the hell am I kidding?!
I have the attention span of a freaking gnat…on a good day!
I have the ambition of a Sloth.
What am I going to possibly do?!
I’m lucky if I can remember to pay my bills on time and feed myself.
Which reminds me, I’m hungry and I need a shower…
But hey, rest assured my fellow artist friends, I always got your back and will be available for reposting and sharing all your creative endeavors!

Riverside Park La Crosse, Wisconsin

Riverside Park La Crosse Wisconsin Sunset edit by MLB

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“Then, now and me” prose by Subrata Ray

Then, Now, And Me .
by: Subrata Ray

Then, there were kings and priests,
The slave dynasty and Nero’s wrist,
Stalin’s proletariat and Hitler’s foe,

So and so , worlds after worlds go.

Now the leaders’ meeting,
Now , the professionals’ dating,
Flash upon as the kings of the past,
Harem , and courts of years dust .
Now corporate and democracy’s cry,
More insufficient than a dead man’s lie.

But, I have my vacation, -else where,
And to ignite my wick with invisible fire,
And deny the repetition of Phoenix’s puppet,
A fie to sense-wash universe! And me with mine!