Photos of International Friendship Gardens

Fountain at International Friendship Gardens Photography by Missi Lynn Boness 2015

Fountain at International Friendship Gardens
Missi Lynn Boness 2015

The La Crosse River  Missi Lynn Boness Photography 2015

The La Crosse River Missi Lynn Boness Photography 2015

"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" by Missi Lynn Boness 2015

“Tiptoe Through the Tulips” by
Missi Lynn Boness 2015

Photography for August 17th 2012


Sun Rays Through Storm Park Falls Wisconsin by Missi Lynn Boness


Cattails in Fifield, Wiscsonin by Missi Lynn Boness


Choices by Missi Lynn Boness


Park Falls in August 2012 by Missi Lynn Boness

RockStar Diva Julie Cimini

I recently did some photo-manipulation (digital art really) for Radio DJ, Julie Cimini.
I thought I would share it with all of you on how it turned out.

Julie Cimini Flames II by Missi Lynn Boness

Julie Cimini Flames

Julie Cimini Avenging Angel

The EDM Sound of Unify Recordings

The Sounds of Unify Recordings
Missi Lynn Boness

A couple months ago I was introduced to a new website called Unify Recordings by my good friend, DJ Reckless Ryan.
This site is all about the love of E.D.M. and for those of you not into anagrams; E.D.M. is electro, dance, and music.
The site was amazing…I immediately found myself drawn to it, not only is there amazing fresh, new artists being premiered there, but there is also the ability to watch the DJs spin.
This I love, because it makes me feel a part of the action…that little bit of voyeurism takes it to a whole new level of listening.

So here I am sitting in my cut-off shorts, wearing a Sex Pistols shirt and my hair up in a ponytail jamming to the sounds of this new artist, well maybe he’s not “new” as an artist per se, but he is new to me.
Naturally, I ask Ryan….”who is this person”?!  And he tells me that it’s his buddy, DJ Craig Brogan.
Hmmm…Craig Brogan huh?
I find that I am really liking his sound, the layout of the page, the whole package is truly fan-freaking-tabulous!
Later on after the set got done, I was able to have a chance to get more acquainted with Mr. Brogan and it was then that I decided that he would be a good fit for my Artists United Insomniac Video group on Facebook.
(He being a member gives me the right to pimp out his amazing DJ style and page.)

I asked him how he got started…I mean it’s rare that you get a person that says they want to be a DJ/Producer and then actually follows up with the dream and is able to make it happen.

He tells me that from a young age he started playing the electronic keyboard and that he totally fell in love with trying to play dance tracks that he would hear on the radio or cd and then he’d try and play them on the keyboard.
Craig notes, “ive always had a love for melodic riffs and creative drum loops, loving the whole happy hardcore era”. [Sic]

But what really changed his life happened at the age of 18 when he went to his first “proper night club” with his uncle and heard the sound and feel of Trance music.
That set him off on a whole new course that has been shaping his life since.
It was that era in time when Craig decided to purchase a set of, as he put it, “not so great” CD decks.
From then on he’s been making the sounds he found so alluring in that night club back when he was 18.

However, mixing, chopping, screwing and scratching to his own beat wouldn’t be the only focus of Craig’s musical career.
In 2011 Craig and his buddy were joking around about starting their own EDM website.
It would be a site where they could bring the best of all areas of dance music on a regular basis,
a place where the hottest new DJ talent could be found and promoted.
This idea was taken quite seriously by Craig and thusly, Unify Recordings was born.
Unify Recordings was first focused on the U.K., where Craig is located but then it became available for Stateside DJs as well.
“Unify is a new project, we encourage as many people as we can to keep in touch and join the unify group page found on Facebook, were always on the lookout for DJs and Mr.DJ RecklessRyan now runs our Unify Stateside for those across the water to take part in his show”.
With that being said, I will provide a link for those reading this that wish to take part in the Unify experience.
Unify Recordings Online:
Unify Recordings on Facebook: