More Poetry by Me!

Inside Looking Out
Missi Lynn Boness

I’m driving myself nuts beating my fists against the glass.

I want to scream but my voice is only silenced by the notion that no one can hear…no one wants to hear

Voices in my head won’t let me out I scream “let me out, “let me out!”

A prisoner in my head…

Mad by my own device

Crying in silence, alone in my peril

When will I be free?!

The walls are closing in…

The noise is all around…

The fierce thought of aloneness, my delusions ever present.

I stand facing the world outside…feeling more inside myself than ever.

Parents don’t understand…friends don’t understand.

This is my teen years and they are supposed to be fun!?

So dark and lonely…so dark and lonely I could cry forever…

Where is the light and when will I get out???

Trapt by Missi Lynn Boness

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