~Missi Lynn Boness’s Poetry~


Picture at bottom:
Whore of Babylon in Fire edit by Missi Lynn Boness



Missi Lynn Boness


Have you no shame

You hussy,

You jezebel,

You Harlot?!

You with your dime-store make-up and thread bare clothes

Skin so shimmery with sun kissed sweat and passions love bites?!

Lipstick smears from conquests before!

How dare you parade around on MY street offering yourself to any available participant….

Cheap and tawdry dragging yourself back to your flat where you pass out from exhaustion.

Your kids mouths gaping with hunger, eyes lost in sadness and shame.

They know where you’ve been and who you are…they hear the whispers and mockery does not elude them as you hope.

They do not understand your callings late at night…just the nature of the situation.

Not the complete and utter desperation of your plight.

The whore money that feeds fast hungry mouths and clothes the otherwise naked bodies.

That pays the rent and covers the bills…

The incestuous attention as a child begot the woman she would become…the drink she plys her sadness with.

The poison powder she packs her nose with….

The lies she tells herself…

WHO AM I…she cries in the dark…

What have I become…she whispers in her sleep

How can I escape this life…she desperately wants to know!

This isn’t the life she imagined as a child…staring out at the world through rain spattered windows.

Sitting in a church with her incestuous, lie filled family….secrets so horrid and deep that wide birthed valleys couldn’t hold them all.

Another day gone…spent, taken in…

Hair matted, make-up smeared…body bruised…money crumpled and stuffed in smoke permeated clothes.

Kids fed…dishes washed…house vacuumed another day gone.

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