About Missi Boness~Artist

Digital artist/photographer, and poet, blogger based in Wisconsin.
Also promotes and reviews artistic talent of others, whether it’s visual arts or music.

Missi grew-up in Wisconsin and as an adult has lived in LaCrosse, Janesville, and West Salem, Wisconsin.
She currently resides in Fifield, Wisconsin.

She credits her love of art, poetry and wide range in musical tastes to her mother and maternal grandparents of whom are wonderful artists.
Her mother and grandmother’s artworks are featured in her online World Faith Gifts shop!
( World Faith on Cafepress)

In 1993 she graduated from Lacrosse Logan Senior High.
Then attended WWTC and UWL (for a short time…lol)
Her son Bradley (co-owner of FireStar Boards) was born in 1996 and she says,  “he is her everything.”

In 2008 she began her online shops promoting peace, nature and world religions.
World Faith Gifts*
World Faith Gifts on Cafepress

Opened a collaboration store with her son in 2009 called FireStar Boards
FireStar Boards
FireStar Boards on Cafepress

She is the founder of Artists United on Facebook which promotes the love of art and supports others works:

Share your art and connect with artists on:
Artists United

Artists United

Promote your music (or favorite music, videos, and film clips here:
Artists United Insomniac Music and Video

Artists United Insomniac Music and Video

Post Poems and Short Stories here:
Artists United The Writer’s Block

Artists United the Writer’s Block


Post recipes and gardening tips:
Artists United Recipe and Gardening Group

Artists United Recipe and Gardening Group

Artists United Film Review:

Artists United Film Review

Artists United Inked & Pierced:

Artists United Inked and Pierced

Talk to other artists who have creative block or depression, share feelings and give advice here. (Positive feedback only please)
This group requires approval…

Artists United Outreach/Chat

Artists United Outreach/Chat

Find her on Facebook to learn more!
Missi Lynn Boness-Artist
Missi Lynn Boness-Artist on Facebook

2 comments on “About Missi Boness~Artist

  1. Hello Missi,
    I’m a domestic and sexual assault advocate in Hokah, MN for Bluff Country Family Resources (BCFR). I recently ran across an artwork piece done on the Cass Street Bridge online. I thought it was awesome! I was hoping that you would release copyright on the image so that I can use it in my Across the River Project for BCFR. I literally have no spending budget for my awareness campaign on domestic violence here and was hopeful that you would be willing to allow the use of your image for this campaign. Please consider it and let me know. (507) 894-2676. Best Wishes,Susan

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